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Things to consider before getting breast implantsToday many women try to save their youth with unique creams, botoks and different therapies but result is usually not stabile. Help to make your face and body attractive again can plastiikkakirurgia in finland medical centre. So, if you decided to try liposuction, breast implants or skin-lifting, pay attention to the things to consider before getting plastic operation. We listed the most important facts special for you.

It is necessary to know before undergo operation

We analysed statistic and made a conclusion that breast implant is the most popular plastic operation during last 10 years. Unfortunately it has some important outcomes, complications and negative aftermath. For example, the aftermath ptosic in middle age causes by reconstruction, augmentation and revision surgery. If you don’t want always be concerned of keeping operation results, you should better to forget about breasts implantation. Some another that you have to remember aftermaths includes:

  • Regular monitoring health. If you have newest breast implants you just need to have a regular mammography for the rest of your life. It is important to see a doctor promptly if you notice even only one abnormal change in your breasts.
  • Increased risk of some rare type of cancer. Women diagnosed with this type of cancer may need to be treated with radiation therapy, reconstruction surgery and chemotherapy.
  • Need for prevention and long or short-time rehabilitation, especially after injures and pathology caused by unhealthy lifestyle, diseases and reoperations.
  • Increased risk or breasts sagging. It is important to note that ptosis usually strikes women with breast augmentation, especially after breast feeding, smoking, increased physical activity, wearing a small-sized bra and after the natural aging of the skin.

How to prevent negative aftermaths?

Today a professional doctors of well-known finland clinic medimatkat made up a list of useful and practical recommendations preventing a lot of negative aftermaths. Using this list you can save the youth of your breasts more longer:

  • Always wear compression bra (at least during 6 mounts) after breasts implantation.
  • Refuse the breast-feeding first 1,5 years after plastic operation.
  • Try to avoid hard training includes long-distance running, lope and jumping, extreme sports.

Contact the reliable clinic if you really want to take a hot breasts without complications and risks.


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